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The power to make a positive impact has driven me to pursue various CS related projects. As an avid conservationist, I strive to create applications that help solve environmental issues. The following are a few of my recent projects. 

Save Our Seas (SOS)

  • Developed an edge-capable AI machine-learning model for marine garbage detection in Python on Linux.

  • Successfully trained using PyTorch a single-shot object detection model for detecting multiple types of garbage and fish within a single frame.

  • Built the model in the AWS cloud, which was then converted to ONNX and deployed onto an edge device.

  • Tested and evaluated metrics on the model for different dataset sizes and number of epochs to optimize the performance of the classifier

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Drone Enabled Env. Patrol & Surveillance Edge AI System (DEEPSEAS)

  • Developed a prototype to reduce illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing reaching the status of Conrad Innovator in the 2022 Conrad Innovation Challenge.

  • Led technical direction working with cross-functional marketing and product team across hardware and software to detect illegal fishing vessels on an edge device with a camera mounted on a buoy.  

  • Designed the end-to-end technical architecture and its integration with hardware components that resulted in building the model and reference engine.

  • Developed the machine learning model and inference engine deployed to NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB on Ubuntu with a serial camera 

Grub Exchange

  • Developed a method to reduce food waste in school cafeterias using a novel food-sharing web app.

  • Designed end-to-end product structure and programmed app published at complete with security/privacy protections in place.

  • Tested app at the school cafeteria and collected data on its efficacy for reducing waste.

Apple in Lunchbox
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