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Nikil Shyamsunder

Student. Researcher. Debater. Earthling.

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I am a Milstein Scholar in Technology and Humanity at Cornell University studying computer science. I am passionate about the application of computer science to social issues. Through research and personal projects, I have developed AI/ML applications for sustainability. I enjoy debating crucial topics that have deep social and ethical relevance. When not in the classroom you can catch me snowboarding, baking a pie, or chopping up samples for a new piece of electronic music.



Nikil recognized by the Winchester City School board


I am involved in research focusing on the use of AI to solve real world problems. My work involves the use of AI/ML in the realms of conservation and education.


The power to make a positive impact has driven me to pursue various CS related projects. As an avid conservationist, I strive to create applications that help solve environmental issues. The following are a few of my recent projects. 



I have gained important leadership skills through leading the largest community service club at my high school as well as through coaching students in math and debate.


I have gained a variety of skills through high school and community college courses and MOOCS.


I fill my downtime with a wide range of hobbies and interests.


My debate team reached reached top 16 in the International Public Policy Forum debate out of hundreds of teams.

Awarded the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning High School Scholar 2021 and 2022

I am a four-time school Spelling Bee champion, two-time region champion, and went to Nationals twice in DC.

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