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I am involved in research focusing on the use of AI to solve real world problems. My work involves the use of AI/ML in the realms of conservation and education.

Stony Brook University Simons Research Program, Research Intern/Fellow

  • Worked with Dr. William Holt at Stony Brook to develop a novel system for detecting offsets in GPS time-series.

  • Developed sliding window algorithm to generate a dataset of GPS data labeled with offsets.

  • Tested a a number of different classifiers to develop a model with F1 score of .98 on both classes

George Mason University (GMU) Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program

  • Worked with Dr. Ziheng Sun in Geoinformation Science Department to make Snow-Water-Equivalence (SWE) predictions publicly available with ML models.

  • Developed and tested a number of Neural Networks models to predict future SWE given a location.

  • Integrated models into SnowSource app to provide SWE data

Berryville Institue of Machine Learning 

  • Worked with world renowned computer scientist and security expert Dr. Gary McGraw on his latest research venture of identifying security issues in ML algorithms at his new startup BIML.

  • Read through research and curated bibliography which has become a go to site for researchers interested in security of Machine and Deep Learning algorithms.

Graduation Ceremony

Late-Graduation Risk Assessment Shenandoah Valley Comp Sci Regional Partnership–George Mason Univ./VDOE

  • Developed a Random Forest Decision Tree Model and a Logistic Regression model to predict whether a student, given middle school grades, attendance, and demographic will graduate high school on time.

  • Gathered and preprocessed historical data of students in the Winchester Public Schools system.

  • Ran analytics to determine the efficacy of models using an iterative process to continually tune them

  • Achieved a model that can be used by schools to better target students that need additional assistance

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